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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pd 3.0
At first I could not get the device to work. Then I noticed that I was not able to insert it deep enough in the cigaret lighter outlet. So I pushed really hard and I could get it in deeper. Now the device is working. So it was not a perfect fit in Skoda Rapid 2015 but I managed to get it to work.
great seller quick delivery within a week and the Dash charger works perfectly. compared it with an original one I don't see any differences not in looks and not in performance
supports 5V, 9V and 12V. works great. I had to push it hard into the socket until it worked but it is well justified - you need good contact there. I love it. highly recommended product
It works perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy S9+. It provides screen mirroring with only the HDMI cable attached. To use DeX mode you must also connect a USB-C charger to the device. I wish the male USB-C connector (the part that connects to your phone) was longer because I have to take my phone out of its case to connect it.
hi ... the package I have received well .. good seller ... but i never mentioned ... but I am sure that this is very useful for me ... thank you very much
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