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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for phantom power supply for microphone
I was really happy with how fast it came to my house. I live in Canada and I commended it from USA and it said that I would receive it in 16 to 30 days. I received it 2 days later. The package came in a really good condition, everything is amazing and there. Can’t wait to give it to my boyfriend. The seller was really kind to me when I asked questions and answered in less than a day. I really recommend this seller and this product
If anyone wonders if this kit is worth the price, then yes, yes it is. Shipped very fast (4 days), with DHL for FREE, when I expected a standard 30 day delivery. Quality of the pieces themselves is, in this price range, top notch. Very little plastic and where it actually is, it's high quality. Everything else is metal. The microphone itself is very much as advertized, very little "hiss", when properly set up close to none actually. The quality of the audio is much satysfying, clear and warm, even when unedited. WHEN edited, I see no difference to proffesional videos or songs on youtube. Very Satisfied and would recommend 100%.
The Alctron PS200 power supply promises to be a fantastic solution to supply our condenser microphones with phantom power on the go. Both power sources (wired power adapter and battery) are working great. The device is small enough to transport along and is build sturdy and robust. The battery compartment at the back can be easily reached. If there is anything to improve, it is the pad where you connect the battery. I personally always found these kind of pads a bit delicate in use. The power light is bright and informative, and to be able to switch power on and off as needed is a great function. We are looking forward to add this device to our set for filming music videos for YouTube. Now let's grab some Velcro to attach the device to a tripod and then off to a shoot. :)