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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for photo vr
Product functions as described, and is very a simple set-up. This was my very first purchase of any Home Security CCTV camera. Based on this item I can select a much larger system with those options needed for my application. Buy with confidence that this not not a toy with bad toy camera, It is a very nice and clear camera that can be accessed on your phone with very little set-up ( Just screw on light socket).
Estimated Delivery Time: 17-22 Days turned to 30 days. When I wondered 10 days after I paid the order why the seller doesn't ship the camera I was told they're having some vacations there. So I suppose this vacations should have been mentioned in Estimated Delivery Time. Or at least the seller could tell me I better cancel the order if I can't wait longer than Estimated Delivery Time. I don't know how much more time it could take if I didn't ask them myself what's happening 10 days after I placed an order and paid for it.