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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pi a plus
I appreciate that this device was available and I could obtain it. Shipping from China is excessively long (items seem to sit forever in Shenzen - Chinese customs maybe?). I'm spoiled and unrealistic and am used to one day and two day deliveries. And I guess warehousing products in the US or Europe would add considerably to their costs.
Product was send very quickly to the Netherlands. I am satisfied, but HDMI cable didn't work wich was no problem for me (I had a couple of cables at home :-) )
Great quality RPi case (I't does not allow for additional dissipation devices as the case acts as a all in one heatsink). My RPi 3b+ feets in perfectly. The case completely made out of cast aluminium, it is compact and feels very sturdy. The product does what it says on the tin plus it got delivered to South of Spain in less than 2 weeks. I would recommend it to a friend.
I've received this order/shipment today and it's not complete (1 heatsink out of 12 missing). I only needed 2 sets so no big deal, and no need to waste money sending only one little heatsink. But it's sloppy, nevertheless. Hence the neutral feedback.
Just done some quick tests and it seems to work realy good, works nicely with Volumio The only thing that's worrie me is that the connectors are mounted a bit weak to the board, but maybe a careful handling is the key