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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pillow travel
Very fast shipping & the product arrived in perfect condition. It wasn't packed with any protection though, only put in the shipping plastic bag, so I guess that some might be easily damaged if anything happens during transportation. I bought this product after trying it from a friend and honestly, it changed my flights experiences of ever. It allows you to relax your head and arms in various positions, especially if you sit in a window seat. Once you remove the air from it, it's super compact and lite. Surely recommend!
The product is accurate to the description and picture in the website but unfortunately it arrived too late for the purpose it was ordered and I can't describe the benefits. Hope I can use it someday.
I have not tried it on the airline yet, but I can't wait to do so at the end of next month. so far air stays in, we will see how it will be over night.
when the package arrived i found it to be very small. after opening it it thought they had send me one layer instead of two. i expected it to be in two seprared layers with two blowholes. after inflating it i saw it was What i ordered. the material it is made of looks thinner than What to expect after seeing the photo shown on the website.