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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pm10 sensor
Summary: documentation poor, sensor quality control is variable, absolute accuracy is questionable - however the cost is such that the performance is about what I expected, and the devices will work for my application of qualitative monitoring construction dust. Details: ordered 4 units, 0-10V version. All units appear to have approximately 220mV offset on their outputs: when exposed to a cleanroom environment (i.e. ~0ug/m^3 PM2.5/PM10), the output voltages indicate 0.220V / 10V * 6000ug/m^3 = 132ug/m^3. One of the units also appears to have an intermittent fault: this unit indicates 2000 - 6000ug/m^3 levels on both the PM2.5 and PM10 outputs intermittently, sometimes for several hours. This was observed when all 4 units were placed and recorded in the same controlled cleanroom environment, none of the other units outputs rose above 220mV during these events.