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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for portables chargers
Received ok. Everything works perfectly. It is one of my favorite stores because its products are of quality. I've already bought before and I never had problems. Enchanted with this purchase. Thank you very much.
Received the cam in excellent packing condition. Checked the device, its working fine. Setting up dash cam using YI dashcam app pretty simple, it just took 1 minute to setup. Video quality is good, not yet checked real time on road.
Produkts saņemts 16 kalendāra dienu laikā (Ķīna-Latvija (ES)) - solīto 18-27 kalendārās dienas. Izsūtīts 1 kalendārajā dienā. Produkts ir ļoti labas kvalitātes. Produkta apraksts un attēli atbilst saņemtajam produktam. Produkta virzība bija izsekojama caur Ķīnas pastu. Product received within 16 calendar days (China-Latvia (EU)) - proposed 18-27 calendar days. Shipped out within 1 calendar day. The product is very good quality. Product description and pictures match the product received. Product track was traceable with China post.
Quality is according to your catalogue. I am very satisfied from your product. Please let me know if is it possible for me to collect my new orders instead of China directly, through a European Union Logistic Center in order to avoid Customs Expenses (clearance) which is obligatory for items values above EUR 22.!!!! outside of countries European Union. Take in consideration that i have already extra pay for custom clearance an amount near the item value.!!!
I got 3 of these items. In the advertisement they are described as RoHS,CE,CCC-certified, but I cannot find any CE-approvement label on the outside. Let's hope they can be used safely. They were all tested for a short time, and seem to work at 1.5A. Thank you.