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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for power converter 120v 220v
Very good product, very stable work even in high load consumption. Very fast delivery and no extra cost expected custom issue (every country is different) technical support on highest level and very good communication with seller. Delivery to my country very fast (count 3 days picked up parcel from seller with DHL). Simply every one who need quality and not too expensive inverter I'M STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS SELLER!!!
1. Shipped Quickly - as Described. 2. Previous item came thru without functions. I sent a picture in and was Told that it was Not Working, as a result of the picture. However, they wanted me to figure out what was wrong. I did not know how. They did not replace it or resolve the problem, yet.
Received Unit but this will not work with North American appliances that rely on both 230v and 115v service. This unit only has one hot wire and ground/neutral for strictly 230v power. Hot and neutral will not provide 115v which a normal NA service provides. This will not work with a NA Laundry Dryer but works fine with my Central Air as the HVAC compressor only requires 230v. Note: when inverter has load on it the voltage drops to 233v this is with a 10amp load.