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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for powerpoint for presentation
Very good device. Now I can work freely with my presentations. Almost had heart attack when could not find wifi module, but manufacturer is very bright! It is in battery compartment. So it's very safe when you travel as me. Thanks a lot for quick delivery and wonderful device. Highly recommend this supplier!
Nice Pointer, Some minor imperfections in the finishing, but overall satisfied. If the green laser is used heavily, it dims quickly and then needs some time to cool down. Based on Amazon reviews this also seems to happen with the Logitech product. This is considered a Feature rather than a bug (automatic diode protection, ADP). Keep it in mind, when you use the presenter. USB works Plug and Play. Buttons send the following signals: Left: PgUp, Right: PgDn, Play: First Click: Shift + F5, Play: Second Click: Esc, Blank: B Laser does have an IR filter, which I checked with a CD by the procedure described by NIST. Search for "NIST Green laser pointer hazard"