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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for psp sony
To bad the 'new' version is worse than the old. New version has no room for wifi antenna. The notch that filled in with this so called new version makes it that the wifi antenna can not be placed anymore. On the internals i also had trouble with the thumbstuck. The riser that seats the analog controlstick is to high. Needed to shave of a little bit so it would sit nice and level. Wlan switch won't go to the off possition very smoothly, but that is probably never used anymore anyway. The UMD drive door was the worst of all. Metal frame is of poor quality and you can't use the original one since it's a clip-on grip. Had to bend the metal to the outside to grip the UMD door without it slipping out of the guides. The screen is a bit blurry and not very smooth. When used it's not so much noticable, but in off position it almost looks like a 'glow in the dark' screen.