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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ptz camera ip wifi card
product description, price too. easy setup, all functions work perhaps with this have problem, got hands adequately for such prices are more than picture quality, including the night. .and was home son though good.
This Is second order. work perfectly. east knitting ORDER me arrive inside lead set.Simply to use in PC and Android apk. Perfect image at night, average at day. PTZ working fine. 100% satisfied
I've been testing the camera for a month and I'm very happy with this purchase. It works very well in the dark, I also use it as a 4G router. The image quality is very good. I recommend this product. I do not have pictures of the camera at the moment because it is installing away from me and I will add it as soon as possible. Because you're really mad. I also recommend the seller. Because the delivery was done for a few days.
Very fast online screen .Nice resolution and zoom . small reflection on picture of glass of camera . Night vission working good and long range !! Setings and menu of camera is realy good !