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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for qc3.0
At first I could not get the device to work. Then I noticed that I was not able to insert it deep enough in the cigaret lighter outlet. So I pushed really hard and I could get it in deeper. Now the device is working. So it was not a perfect fit in Skoda Rapid 2015 but I managed to get it to work.
very happy with this seller. cables are nicely packaged and come with a cable strap for storing them tidily. the USB C OTG works perfectly and my flash drive was detected straight away when plugged into the adaptor. the cables feel premium and are nice and flexible, unlike some braided cables. will definitely be buying from this supplier again in the future. thank you.
I managed to get over 3A through this cable, so it's definitely according to specs. The cable fits snug, but not too tight. Material feels good and solid, and the woven cable makes sure it doesn't break or snap easily and won't stick to anything, unlike a rubber cable. The cable also has a small piece of velcro to allow you to keep it rolled up. Shipping was fast too and the cable came in an appropriate box
It comes in a very nice and professional packaging. Chargers my iPhone and iPad super fast! Definitely the best charger I have ever had to date!! I highly recommend this product. And it is priced very reasonably. Rest assured you’re receiving hi quality products that just work. If you hate waiting around for you phone to charge on that slow stock Apple brick you will be quite impressed with the speed of this thing!
Works well with galaxy s9 and also works well with baseus wireless charger. It supports fast charging as well as fast wireless charging. Really useful adapter. And the seller was helpful as well. Answered all my queries.
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