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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for radio cd mp3
I'm very satisfied with the purchase, even though I had a few things to do to make it work because my car had an amplifier, but the seller and the tech guy was very patient and helpful to me and made it all work in the end. Definitely recommend. Note: If you live in North America and have an RS model your vehicle most likely has an amplifier so make sure to talk to tech guy so he can help you with the sound not working.
This is perfect in sound, picture and ease of learning to work it. Very easy for those of us that are a little older and have trouble sometimes figuring these things out. Would recommend this to anyone.
I was very pleased with the quality of this DVDs player , the picture is large enough to view as if it were a T.V. The color and sharpness of the screen is as good or better than any T.V. I have ever watched . I highly recommend this DVD player.
This came so quickly! The item was packaged wonderfully. It was dropped right when it first came but it was wrapped so tightly that nothing was damaged. It was so easy to use, too. Small, compact, lightweight -- it's great for watching movie whenever you need to!
it moves very well but the radio does not go right now it is heard it stops the next time it rings but not all the stations, and the room did not fit it says it's the jetta 2005-2015 but goes only after 2010 up.