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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for rear camera xiaomi
I am very happy with the delivery. Shopping in aliexpress is stress-free and pleasant. The store does more for the client than I could have expected. This is my next purchase and everything runs very smoothly. The previous delivery was under a year ago (it was a gift) and works very well. Previously and now the price and quality are satisfying.
Everything is working. Good phone with excellent hardware and very good camera. Few difficulties with chineese apps and installation of google apps but all by all Iam satisfied and recommend it. Waiting on global rom!
The phone is a great stuff. The global rom has been installed. It is very curious that the phone is "unlocked". The volte functionality is well being operated for KT telecom in South Korea. The 10% VAT has been paid during the import customs process via the DHL. Overall, I'm very satisfied and happy to possess this wonderful guy.