Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for record video
The camera records great. Full HD 60 fps something beautiful. The problem is the sound quality. Often you can hear a quiet buzzing. In my opinion, mounting on the suction cup is a better solution.
Shipping time: they shipped my item 2 weeks after payment due to chinese festival and back shipping to my country in 26.2.18 and then came on 7.3.18. it only took 7 days. very fast 10/10 Packaging: they packed my item carefully by using thick wrap to prevent damage. 10/10 Communication: They contacted me several times to keep me know and updated information about my item. 10/10 Camera: It is excellent and very good looking. nice material and comfy to touch. the camera fits with description, it is what you get from the description. The apps is very good and fast response to tue camera. 10/10. recommended seller!
The Dashcam is small enough that does not look overwhelming! Good quality device with tons of features as described on the Seller’s description, only thing is does not have Wi-Fi built-in, but it will do the job!
When I received the headphones, I was very pleased, unfortunately it turned out that this model is not for me. I compare these headphones with my old pro80. The earmuffs are very soft and comfortable, unfortunately the band is too large even with a closed adjustment, which itself has too little resistance and under the influence of the weight of the "earmuffs" itself was sliding apart. The problem is also the band which is of rather stretchable metal and that is why on my little head the headphones slid down. In general, the quality of the headphones themselves is very good as well as the sound does not suit me.
When I plugged-in the power adapter, there was no activity on the NVR. I tried to locate the problem and ended up identifying that the US plug power cable is faulty. After I replaced the cable with a working one, the NVR powered-up and functioned properly. Overall, it was OK for me since the NVR unit itself is functional. However, I expect that an item as simple as an AC cable should have been tested before it got shipped. I think the AC cable was just thrown-in the box without testing. I was about to ask to get the whole power supply replaced but since it's only the AC cable that's faulty, I have a lot of them that I can just swap-out.