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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for redmi 4 screen
something was wring with it. strange, because few times ordered and it was ok. well, everything happens. seller refunded. but still it is one of tge greatest glasses for this phone.
that's my second purchase of this glass and I am still satisfied with quality of this glass. Fits perfectly my phone without any air under the glass. It's also very durable - after wearing one of these for over 6 months, it has only few, hard to see, scratches.
This particular protector came with white borders for the Xiaomi Redmi 4A and the 3 buttons on the bottom did not line up perfectly with the lettering on the screen. Still good quality overall, just a tad imprecise.
The system of AliBaba did not notify the shipment has arrived at the country of destination. While the tracking oif the shipment through AliBaba's system does show that the order had not yet reached the country of destination, I did manage to pick up the shipment from the Post Office and it turned out it has arrived 15 days earlier which is considerably fast and express arrival. Just a request to update in your system when it has reached the country of destinatuion, so we, the customers may go to the Post office. Had I not decided to go out to the Post oFfice and check , never would I have found out that in fact the shipment had already arrived and had been stayiong the post office from 14 days. Thanks
The very best kit i had. Easy to install glass film. For me For me wasn't perfect on edges but glue kit helped me to do it perfect. Plus seller added 3D sticker for a phone back or it was in package :) Really recommend for the best results!!