Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for remot smart
I would not recommend this seller due to extremely slow shipping . At first I've tried to cancel this order (after a few hours after payment). Seller waited for a 4 days (time to auto-approve order cancellation), and at the end of this period they said "oh, we can not cancel this order, we have already shipped it". After that they provided fake tracking number. Real shipping has been provided two weeks later.
Shipped the same day! Great. Thanks to AE Shipping it took only 8 days to arrive. Great!! Very handy, very affordable air mouse / remote / keyboard. Works very good, highly recommended!
The remote control works as described. All buttons work as the original. The button click is a little harder to push and a little bit louder than the original, but doesn't bother too much. It was shipped 9 days after ordering and arrived safely in the Netherlands after 15 days.