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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for remote control clone
the control design is very nice, but the keys are not very clear. It's so hard to program, I still can not program it. A more informative video should be filmed.
Received within 2 weeks to Moscow/RU. This is fast. The remote control looks good and solid. Managed to copy some of my controls, particularly CAME TOP432NA. If you do not know the exact spec of the original control, copying is always a gamble. Keep it in mind.
press n hold the lock n unlock button together.. then after stop blinking let go of unlock . press the unlock 3 times... this will reset the key back to factory (no code) then clone the buttons you want. press old button n new button close.
The remote seems made of good quality and it come very quickly. It doesn't have any manual. Unfortunately, from the page of the seller, the directions HOW ITS WORKING does not work for me. All buttons keeps blinking when I press any of them. Pressing A+B together do nothing (Or C+D). The remote behave differently than on youtube. I'll communicate with the seller of course and I'll come back. I'm putting 4 stars because It could be my mistake. Otherwise the grade should be smaller.
Good product and good quality I followed the steps given on how to clear the memory but it didn't work for me , I used the attached steps and got it working. Please see my steps if you cannot use the original steps to clear and clone the remote. Good luck!