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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for replacement earpads for sony headphones
Very fast delivery in 10 days time ! Item seems to be of good build quality. The cup is larger than the original but as comfortable and fits perfectly on the head. Extremely easy to replace on the SONY headphones.
I used the existing foam and transferred it over as looked firmer, and the hole was better cut, so would control the sound better. External looks fine. Will see how it lasts.
Super fit! If you have a Sony MDR-X. Look no further. This is really a super soft and comfortable fit, comparing it to the original leather like earpads, which on mine has lost the leather layer completely. Just flaking off the original. This version is covered with a nice velour fabric with thick cushioning. The fit is tight on the headphones, when putting these on the headphones. You'll have to struggle a bit to get them on, but with some patience and careful application it will fit perfectly. The leather edge will fit nicely in the groove of the headphone and will keep it sturdy in place. So it will not be moving on its own. I wonder why I didn't purchase these before! I had an cheap leather imitation, but that one broke within a month of use. This is a much better upgrade to one of my favorite headphones. Really recommend buy!