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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for retail
Item received in good condition. It is operational (tested with RPi3). Audio output is working as expected. Although did not check a high resolution as it is intended for an old TV set.
Very fast delivery. The product works perfect. I wanted it to have and audio out on my Panasonic HC-v720 which not has an headphone out. Ofcourse via this adapter it is a line-out in need of amplefieng but it works perfect. Also the HDMI to VGA worked perfect. I am very impressed that such a cheap small device can tranform hdmi (which is digital) to VGA (which is analog). I expected in real that only the audio would work but infact this converter does everything it says it would. I tested it only with a panasonic HC-V720 HDMI out. Thank you for a great product at such a small price. Comes including audio cable.
Took very long to arrive in Saint P but russian post is so. Anyway, item arrived at last and it is as described. Container is pretty useful for foil storage (and it's much easier to take foil in and out from container) but it is made not really good and has some sharpness (not really big problem because it can be fixed easily if needed). Foil itself looks good, length and color as described - no mistakes. Item was in ordinary thin post package, no protection but luckily it came completely safe
it's a realy funny thing, at my place it doesn't fly very high but it's a nice toy for kids!! only the instructions how to use it, i didn't understand it.... but if you just look at the pieces you can make it yourself!!
There wasn’t any user manual within the package. But the pencil is very nice and working perfectly. Shipment was very fast. I get it within 10 days. I am happy. Recommended to buy.