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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for rubber yinhe
One of the most popular and well known long pips in table tennis! I just received the product and it came in perfect condition. Double layer of bubble wraps and great shipment tracking! The rubber is pretty hard to cut along the blade so make sure whatever knife or blade you're using is sharp! And go slow! The pips are the max length that's allowed by the ITTF and very durable. A bit grippy when new, this rubber will only get better at what LP do with age! I bought 2 for my BH (black) because I wanted to experiment with one by modifying it. Using it on a ALL- rated blade. A great first LP rubber to learn about LPs.
This is my first time ordering from this seller. The paddle arrived in a very good packaging and it is wrapped around with plastics and bubble wrap. The paddle comes with a free rubber protective films and edge tape to protect the rubber. Overall, I am very satisfied with the service provided and will recommend this seller to others. Good job!