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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ruizu
Bought this MP3 player to replace my beloved old Sansa clip (see the pictures for the 2 players side by side). So far it seems like a perfect replacement, recommended! Speedy delivery!
player looks nice, usage is simple and logic beside of the little problem, that the "backward"-key sometimes is used for "downward" and you have to try other keys if you want to get back in menu. Sound isnt good anymore with lifted loudness. Maybe too much power for my headphones.
We love it!!! Very well wrapper, in the original box. Looks very nice and chique. Easy to put music on it. Very good sound and earplugs. Good price and very quick delivery! Only two weeks.
The MP3 player arrived via China Post / local post only 2 weeks after the order had been placed. Even our local Customs had cleared it within a day of its arrival. I have bought Ruizu MP3 players before and I find the X18 is similar to the X06 in functionality and operating so I am not at all disappointed. The Bluetooth seems to work better leading me to think that the X18 is an upgrade of the X06. The sound quality through earphones and Bluetooth is excellent. It is important to set the language directly after switching it on for the first time otherwise one can get terribly lost. I find that the instructions do not offer much help. It's a pity that it is not possible to watch an avm Video under Bluetooth - works as designed, I suppose. In my view this product offers good value for what it costs.
Thank you. The product is identically with the description, shipping was fast, everything goes fine. Thank you. P.S. only the delivery time from China to Poland was slow, but of course this is not the fault of the seller.