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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for s m
Came in 22 days. I don't know whether its customs problem or if the seller ships orders fast or not. Anyway , the item is just like the description. I really like the lock system it has. Seem to be hard for an infant to open it. Its 2 on 1.Feeder / pacifier and rattle. Seller recommended!!! P.S. Seem like the label with address and name got damaged (burned) somewhere, and we had a small problem getting it from the post office. Luckily we got it.
Great product, As Described AAA+++, The speed of the SSD are good, I was expecting it to be slower. If you are looking for new SSD, with this form factor, feel free to buy these, complete value for money..
Arrived within 16 days, the real capacity of the disk (128GB) is 119+ GB, which is good. I installed this little guy in Lenovo L440 without any problems. I had 500 GB HDD with Win8.1 Pro, installed Win10 Pro from USB on SSD - literally 10 minutes without any problem (I switched fast-boot off - very important!). The benchmark under Win 8.1 was a little lower - the screen is from the fresh installation of Win 10 Pro (without any updates). The results are quite good. One thing bothers me - when used with Spectrasonic Keyscape (VSTi), the transfers weren't so great (under 100 MB/s) with bothers me. Anyway - for this price this is quite good product. The only thing I'm worried about is life span of this little SSD - but hey, there's not many M.2 2242 on the market, especially for the price. Bang for a buck - if you use SSD ocassionaly (like me ;-)).
I was VERY impressed with the quality of the collar! In a local store these customized collars would cost around $50 plus! I ordered two for my dogs. They arrived fairly quickly!!
Amazing, cut my dogs nails soooooo easily! It has a stopper on the back so you do not cut too much nail!! Really great for the price! Very Fast shipping too!