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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for sakura stick
Ordered on 29th June, received on 11th July. The red is much more redder than orange in person, which is so much better! The box came wrapped in a ton of bubblewrap, so really well-protected. And the lipstick is HEAVY, No cheap plastic, but actual metal is involved and instead of being popped open you screw it on, so it stays safe. Guys. GUYS! This is a must-have for any fan! Everything about it is perfect and so much more stunning in person than the pictures can show! GET IT NOW!
The brooches are adorable and are true to color and design! They're exactly like the photos. However the red and pink rectangle pins seem to be crooked and are hard to put on/take off because of it. Other than that, they're extremely beautiful! Well packaged and shipping was fast, I am very satisfied with this order.
I removed one star because two of the pins don't look as pretty and precise as the pictures. (stars on the book of Sakura and the book of Clow look blurry, almost invisible). So little disappointment. The rest of the pins were alright. However, the quality is accurate to the price.