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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for saxophone s
The seller is very very good person, quite to reply to emails and shipping was so fast! No delays like some sellers. The item is good, however it would benefit from neoprene straps for better comfort - that being said, it's great value for the price.
This neck-strap is indeed very comfortable. It looks good feels robust and I appreciated the metal hook (which I am sure it's near to impossible to "accidentally" break), easy to use and has an extra ruber coating so it will bot damage the instrument . The length of the neck strap is easy to adjust, though I would like it more sturdy. Not so important but still: it should be noted that it might feel warm during hot days (like the day on which I tested it) but it does let the skin to breathe so it is not a problem. P.S.: I don't know why I wrote so much and I feel like the seller could already use this as the description of the product :) P.S.S: i got a mouth piece as a gift but forgot to shot it, thank you to the seller any way