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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for screen recorder for
Seller shipped the item within a few hours. It did take it around three weeks to arrive though. Camera arrived in good condition and with English firmware as requested. I'll recommend this seller.
The music player is simple yet functional. Arrived for 32gb rather than 8,which is a nice surprise. Haven't checked out most of its functions but the music play alright. Comes with an instruction booklet.
Really nice player, great sound quality. It could be little louder. On other hand delivery took really long time, for 20 days player did not even leave China. In totat little less than 2 months.
very good product. Reached Gwalior , mp within 20 days. Very smooth and handy mp3 player. Must buy for music lovers. I am very happy with it. They have given additional earphones as well
Very good player, high quality sound quality, it has a problem with AAC format that will be compressed, Flac or Mp3 format excellent. The attached headphones are good quality and sound. I can recommend to buy ....