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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for screen tones
It's small, weights nothing and fits everywhere. You'll need a MicroSD card with an adapter to transfer music on it (or download into your phone and then swap the cards). It uses miniUSB charging port. Haven't tested the battery life yet. Downsides: No navigation menu, just all your music in one playlist. So for me the player is almost useless. Have fun skipping hundreds of tracks for minutes on end. Also, sound output has a lot of background noise. Built-in equalizer on Pop mode removes most of it but skews sound, so... And all your setting reset to default so you have to tweak volume and equalizer every time you turn the player on.
it came pretty quickly, is shorter than I expected but that's fine. I thought the USB door was different, like the one you use for your cellphone but to charge it I had to use the one of the psp. it's working so, for it's price is pretty nice, i recommend it. probably I'll buy some more
Good quality for this price. Battery is rechargeable by player works very little time 1 hour. Charger level is showing always 100% but in fact device could be switched off because of low charge. Just a toy for this price.
order 27.2 delivered 19.3., disappointed in package, not damaged at delivery, only wrapped in sachet ☹️, there is no memory card or USB charger, device fully charged, battery life approx. 2 hours, I recommend
The music player is simple yet functional. Arrived for 32gb rather than 8,which is a nice surprise. Haven't checked out most of its functions but the music play alright. Comes with an instruction booklet.