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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for sennheiser hd
It looks high quality, but I am stupid and didn't notice, that this cable 3.5-to-2.5. I want to buy 3.5-to-3.5 =) That's why I cannot check it until I find adapter
The package arrived as described. I'm super impressed with the cable though. I was expecting the typical plastic cable instead it feels cloth like and super flexible. It even came with a loop and hook cable management strip. The packaging was slightly dented but it had no affect on the product itself. I've used it and they fit my Sennheiser HD 598's perfectly. I now have two cables the absurdly long cable I can use at home or in a studio and at work I use this shorter cable that works better.
The cable is exactly as i hoped (which is better then expected). The sound stage is warmer then with the standard Sennheiser HD650 cable and provides a little more bass. The connectors that go into the headphones are slightly chunkier then the ones shown on the images. They do however look sturdy and durable (made of aluminium) so this doesn't really bother me. Great buy and i would recommend this to other HI-FI enthusiasts.
just as described. I have tried it with Sennheiser massdrop hd 6xx, and initial impression is it's slightly brighter than the stock cable. but i found the audible difference only when I use it with the tube amp. Overall I like the sound. thanks to seller. it shipped very fast also.