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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for sennheiser hd
The package arrived as described. I'm super impressed with the cable though. I was expecting the typical plastic cable instead it feels cloth like and super flexible. It even came with a loop and hook cable management strip. The packaging was slightly dented but it had no affect on the product itself. I've used it and they fit my Sennheiser HD 598's perfectly. I now have two cables the absurdly long cable I can use at home or in a studio and at work I use this shorter cable that works better.
Very good cable. All connectors fit perfect. But there is one problem: the thick part of the cable (enhanced) should match fixation but it didn't. Thus I made some tricks to fit it
A plastic ring used to hold it in place is not included. An original ones have to be used, and to extract them you'll need to stretch/tear leather on your original pads. Also original rings have a patch of cloth glued over them, and, since these pads also have a patch of cloth, you'll probably want to remove it from rings or pads.
The earpads fit perfectly to HD518. The difference between the original ones is that these are a bit stiffer and harder, but it's no really a complaint - I'll just have to get used to them. I just received them so I don't know how durable they are, but they seem solid enough. Great deal for 1/5 the price of originals.
compared to the original, the cable seems delicate, thinner. the connection between the plug and the loudspeakers is difficult to enter and sometimes breaks. but for this price, I can not pick on anything, I am still happy. Very fast shipping.