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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for sensor 360
Realistic, it looks like a real flame burning. I do not recommend using this in a totally enclosed container, leave room for the heat to escape. I love it, it gives a real rustic atmosphere...I'm looking for E14 and E12 bulbs that do the same for chandeliers an other lamps as well. I recommend this highly... Sugarbear23 from Netherlands.
Very slow delivery to the UK, about 6 weeks in total which is the max waiting time, compared to other sellers that I have dealt with in the past that takes around 2 weeks in total to arrive.
Fast delivery. Didn't test them yet, but quality seems nice. Packaging was simply brilliant - not only each encoder came in individual anti-static bags, but the 3 bags came in a styrofoam box to protect the boards!
Works way better than I expected. The 3 settings allow you to get it working perfectly in a variety of conditions. It can be a bit tricky to fit in a loop in / loop out system as there's no room for choc block strips. I had to use a surface pattress and stick this thing to a drilled out blanking plate.