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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for showers speakers
Didn't noticed, that the charger is not a standart micro usb, if go lost need to buy a new speaker. Also the speaker holes are exposured under the vacuum pump, so need to bind it o a side.
I give it 4 stars because it came later then i thought it would. It took 1month and 2weeks to get here. It is more little then i thought but I think that’s better because then i can bring it everywhere :) Works fine, noso loud as i thought but loud enough for the price. It’s ok. In the picture’s you can dee that it’s charging. Red means it’s not full yet. Blue means it’s ready to go.
Very bad battery in it, needs to charge so many times and doesn't stick to the glass in the shower! But either way it's cute and good sound for such little speaker! Thank you
I've been using the speaker for some time in the shower and I have to admit the price for a better speech you can not do, enough loud just a shame that there are no bass at all
This is an excellent product for a great price! Connecting to my phone is very easy and the volume goes up very high. I'm very glad I bought this, as I was considering one on Amazon that was three or four times the price.