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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for shure se535
using this cable with the Pinnacle P1 headphones that I bought on Massdrop. this cable is great so far. I really like the fact that the volume can go as high as you want! the max is very loud. good quality. came charged ;)
Very honest seller. Photo is not deceiving. It is straight cable and it what I truly need. Well packed, with casing and cable in good working condition. Finally I can use my Sony XBA300AP! Value for money! Highly recommended! Thank you so much for the fast delivery. 10 stars
Looks good, cable still stiff as it’s brand new, weighty so lack of memory cable around ear can be excused, but it’s definitely an upgrade over stock cable, 30% more clarity, 25% deeper bass, overall satisfied. But results may very for different earpieces. 1.2m Long, L shaped plug thin enough for my phone case. May update again if anything.
The quality of the product is very good. It appears that MMCX is not a standard. I have VSONIC VSD3S, headphones, sadly this cable does not fit, althow they both have MMCX connctors.
Incredible shipping time (12 days to Canada) compared to most non-ePacket shipping methods offer. Seems like KZ made yet another revision of their silver cable, as the new one I received has a cord slider while the one I ordered from the same seller does not. I won't penalize the seller, though. The part of the cable closest to the 3.5mm plug isn't quadruple-knotted like the first KZ Silver MMCX cable I ordered from another seller... time will tell how long this will last.