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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for sim slot
Phone just super! I haven't found any faults which consider in reviews about this device. Screen brightness excellent, notifications come, the accumulator good, Russian - without mistakes. GPS works precisely, the camera remarkable for this money. Buy only with the global version and then no shortcomings will exist. Sociable seller. I have received it very quickly - within a week that is a record from all orders that I did earlier. Very much I recommend.
It arrived quite fast. Everything is in order, good phone for it's price. OS required few updates, wich is normal, and all other apps, camera, internet, 3g/wi-fi works just fine. Everything in order. I recommand this product :). Its quite big and heavy by the way, for a phone, wich again, is udnerstandable since it is CAT alike phone.
It is one of the best sellers around Aliexpress. Their products are of exceptional quality and original. It arrived two weeks to Cusco Perú. Very good communication and very fast delivery. I recommend this store. Serious seller.
The galaxy note edge itself is very good , nothing to say about it ! However the seller took forever (15 days with fake tracking number ) to ship it ! He told me there wasn't the model I needed after a few days , then told me he shipped it and then after around 10 days , asked me for my first and last name while he had already provided a fake tracking number . Eventhought the phone is amazing , I am very disapointed with the seller .
Amazing seller, I'm the old customer of this seller, I bought lots of phones from this seller and always seller sent all my orders with genuine quality and sealed box without any problems also all my orders shipping was very fast and This seller is really reliable, i recommend to all ,thanks a lot seller, l hope to long term business relationship together.