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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for skateboard battery
This is just amazing! It is the best fun you will have, especially if you are into surfing, snowboarding or longboarding. Don't buy any cheaper models, you get what you pay for and this is a quality build. Incredibly intuitive to ride, powerful, safe and fast as hell ! The team at Maxfind are also amazing. The best customer service you will get.
Living in London, I asked them the fastest way. Their customer service is brilliant. They responded really quickly and got me this from their Poland branch which took literally 4days from my purchase. I've needed to have a portable board rather than faster and bigger. I've tried it out and it is going well. I love it so far. Easy to control as a person who is used to normal skateboarding. really light which is my favorite feature. I can bring it by fastening on my backpack. It might be not the best board for someone who needs faster boards cause it has only one motor on this board. However, for me, it is a really nice board.