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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for slick stick
love this set. its effin awesome. you cant beat the set for the price. itll be perfect, it is perfect. love the tool with the silicone tips. just a great high quality silicone product. im definitely siked to put it to use. ill keep you up to date on the progress. but if you never bought silicon let me say this is a seller thatll have what you like. inpromise when you hit the store you will find something to buy. ive bought more than one item throughout my time on aliexpress. if I like I know you will like.
very happy. exactly what I have expected. its 3cm high on the inside, if you were c wondering and its perfect for my needs. has a textured outside and a smooth inside. its 20cmX20cm measured horizontally. im a happy customer. I totally recommend product. seller gets product out fast.