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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for smart lg tvs
Parcel arrived in 15 days. I have order this remote for second time in last 6 month. Previous one had started suddenly to dry out batteries over one night (?!). Both (the new and the old one) has full functionality for my TV. I hope I will have more luck with this one, although for this one I can notice that it is a little bit less precise. You have to point directly remote to TV. The previous one was better in this way (while it was working).Not sure if I can recommend, but for me currently this is the best option...
hello, Well received ( and sorry for late confirmation) concerning item, the notice joined is very very thick ... but not easy to understand... After hours of searching on web (i was closed to give up and ask refund), i finally found method for settings !! Very very easier ! And after couple of seconds it was done ! It works very fine ! Ni need to buy other else, more expensive ! this one is OK ! (if somebody has problem for setting, contact me) recommand item and vendor.