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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for sound surround system
Had a small dent on the side of speaker. Other than this, it performs great. Able to work as a good soundbar though the subs couldn’t reach ultra low bass. Still worth it overall!
The product satisfied me. Good sound good looking and it has enough bass with its shape. Fast shipping, i recommended. Also they are very kind they send some gifts thank you by the way.
Works great! Sound quality is OK. For this price tag it's a good buy... if you don't mind earing all the time the Chinese lady saying "Da blutchoose dewisse is ready to pear" or "Da blutchoose dewisse as connected sucksexfully"
Got what I ordered. Sound is a bit shallow. Quality is ok for the price payed. Incluides all possible cables. Not the best product money can buy, but certainly a very good product in this price range. Would recommend. Delivered to Netherlands in 4 (!) days. Very Quick.