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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for speaker for shower
The speaker is very rugged. It is heavy enough to where it feels solid and high quality even though it is pretty cheap. The material is quality material, and I feel that if I drop the speaker it will not break. Even though a lot is made out of plastic the rubber and hard plastic cover that up.
This is a great water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. The carabiner is a nice addition. The sound coming out of this speaker is pretty cool. The bass is not overpowering. Sometimes the mids are a bit muddy but it doesn't sound that bad. The only thing I don't like about this is the volume up/ volume down buttons.
This speaker really surprised me. Now, I did expect it to be durable (which it seems to be) but I did not expect the sound it has, especially for a speaker of its size. It gets really loud. It's louder than another bluetooth speaker I have that's twice the size of it. And even when it's at max volume, there isn't a lot of distortion.
There was a little problem with the original product I purchased and the supplier promptly replaced the product with a new one. It's great, I love it. The communication with the supplier was wonderful, they were helpful and did everything they could to make sure I was happy. I recommend both the product and the supplier. I'm sure I will find something else that I want to buy from them.
I like the look of the product, but haven't fully put it to the test yet, but it paired and worked well out of the box. Delivery was much faster than I expected, so very impressed with the supplier. Also easy to understand instructions.