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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for speaker of pc
The package arrived safely. I tried to use it immediately, but it did not go well. I tried various investigations on the net, and it seems to be difficult to use well for me. I thought it was convenient, but it is disappointing. I would like to try again if I have time.
The product is as described. For 13$ sounds good. Thx for the fast shipping. Seller sent the good with turkey post. So i got it in 1 week. Not wait too much bass from it :) 6/10 for the sound quality
Very good for it's price The Function description of this gadget can be a little misleading unless being careful. This is only a transmitter and not both transmitter and receiver which i misunderstood from the description of its FUNCTION. They actually mean, this gadget can connect to this and that receiver and so on But anyway, i highly recommend this because, the latency is quite impressive although there was a little delay at the beginning of test. But after a fee minutes there was no more seenable delay which i was surprised and impressed (not like some other products).! Well done!
this speaker is super cute, tiny, and produces a decently loud sound. I love listening to music from my phone but my phone doesn't get that loud. Which it isn't meant to. Plus I dislike having to put headphones on. So this speaker comes in handy. It is loud and hooks up with ease to my phone via bluetooth. Also small enough I can carry it around in my purse if I'd like to take it with me to work or wherever.
My son loves to watch on his iPad and I wanted something small, so I can bring it with me no matter where I am. I also wanted it small, so I could carry it in my bag. This speaker is just a perfect size! It charged fully in 20 minutes. And it paired easily. That sound in this is LOUD as well! The sound comes out crisp and clear. The base is deep and loud. Easy to connect with your phone via Bluetooth and once they are charged they can easily last for hours.
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