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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for spot li
It works well. Make sure to charge it before first use. The battery was a bit funky because I started using it when it first arrived (I sanitized the product right away.) and the battery was apparently around 70 ish. The toy all of a sudden turned off around 60 ish battery life indicated by the app. It hasn't happened since I charged it over night, but yeah. Make sure to charge!! But anyways, it works great, the photos are accurate.
The tape is 0.15mm thick, not 0.2mm. The resistance is 88mOhm per meter so its not pure nickel but still much better than steel. Pure nickel should be around 50mOhm per meter at that size (0.15x10mm). Reasonably good tape for the price. Length is ok - 2 meters. Very fast shipping.
Je suis satisfait, le produit correspond à la description et est de très bonne qualité. Je recommande le vendeur. I am satisfied, the product corresponds to the description and is of very good quality. I recommend the seller.