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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for sq8
Very nice product with quite a few useful attachments. I am using it to watch over my cat when I am at work in my office. Absolutely helpful and would recommend it to friends.
Very fast delivery. Good build quality. The battery lasts for 30-40 minutes (1080p without infrared illumination). During this time approximately 2.4 GB is recorded. The video quality is 6.5 / 10. For this price is acceptable. There is no overwrite function. You can take pictures.
Dear Seller. The delivery en all went fine. now de product discription said there should have been a disc inside. But I did not get any disk deliverd. I tried to connect it to my laptop. but not working yet :(
All ok. Fast delivery. Great mini camera. Good quality video in HD mode, standard AVI files. In TV mode, need's external 5V power supply or charger. When TV connected, camera automaticaly switches to 720P mode and if recording was started, avi file resolution was 1280x720P. Get's a little bit hot while writing in HD mode (1920x1080P), but manual says that this is normal and i agree. Work's great in motion mode and automaticaly start's recording when detected motion in cameras view angle and recording continue's 5min. No problems to connect camera to PC with Linux, view files and changing cameras time and date settings.. English manual my be a little bit better in translation or editing, but that's ok.. I'm happy with purchase. :) Recommend seller and mini HD camera.
Goods fits the description well. Still amazed by the size despite the pictures. Goods arrived in 8 days, very fast. Excellent communication with supplier. Got regular heads up messages on transport status. One minor point: use of English in the manual is poor. Can't judge the quality of the Chinese manual :-)