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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for stereo bluetooth headset
Please be careful, the earphones are okish for the price but really really big , they don't fit well . I'm giving 4 stars just for the seller not for the product :D . THE PRODUCT IS A 2 STAR AT MOST, MANY SKRATCHES ON THE BOX AND ON THE EARPHONES THEMSELVES, ONE OF THEM IS RATTLING AND THE SOUND IS INTERRUPTED. Good luck guys!
To bad that the package had an value of 40 US dollars on it. Now I had to pay an extra tax of 25 US dollars. Why not put an amount of just 20 US dollars on it?
Headphones are crazy good quality for the price. Seriously, they are definitely worth the money. I came back and bought another pair after i received them. The built quality is great, has magnetic earpieces and the bluetooth works great. It tends to get a bit crackly and drops out if you go too far away from the device but good otherwise. Only downside is the battery life is only around 2-3 hours of constant listening from what i have experienced.
Good quality and nice headphones,you can try but the packet was soo week and it was a chance to recieve it without a destraction. İt was just in a nylon bag with air-buble coverage.
Very good size and feel. Sound is clear and charging pod works well. Only criticism - instructions were not clear on how to pair both at the same time. Following instructions kept turning them off, so I had to just test different ways. here is what I did to pair both at the same time (you can pair 1 at a time). Hold down the button on both at the time until blue / red light appears Double click one until the other says 'connected' Pair via phone or device This worked fine