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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for stereo player
There is a delay when connecting in transmit mode. I wanted to use it for handling the output of a guitar amp to a wireless headphones while playing and this is not possible with this device.
one week delivery to the Netherlands. super quick. Device works well. connect to Samsung S6 bluetooth in seconds and after that no problems during playtime. Delivered fully charged No I can listen music in every corner of my garden.
Pretty good quality. Haven't connected it yet, but the package had no any damage, so it seems to be ok. I ordered this from Russia, order was delivered in a week
well packaged and appears to be a good solid product. still have to install but have played with it briefly. boot time is ~20-30sec which could be a bit annoying. and need to find a good navigation app. 2 were pre installed but neither seem to contain the actual maps. in sure I just need to find where to download them from.
I give it 4 stars because it came later then i thought it would. It took 1month and 2weeks to get here. It is more little then i thought but I think that’s better because then i can bring it everywhere :) Works fine, noso loud as i thought but loud enough for the price. It’s ok. In the picture’s you can dee that it’s charging. Red means it’s not full yet. Blue means it’s ready to go.