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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for studio monitoring
Received the product in good condition. Everything working well as per sellers description. But sadly I had paid $10 to post office for customs clearance, bad luck this time for me. Anyhow i'm satisfied with the sound quality of the headphone.
Arrived in 10 days in Germany. Very good material, lays good on the years. The sound is pretty good for the price. There is enough bass, but only if you have installed some equalizer on the device (even the low basses are good!!). Per default the bass is not enough for me.
Fast shipping, good sound and looks, comfortable, has a bit too much of clamp force though. The sound is far from flat and would need a bit of EQ to fit my tastes, still a good price for it's quality !
It's well built, very comfortable, isolating Andy easy to transport. Really like the cable that can be used as p10 / p2 depending on how you plug it. NOT truly HiFi though. Has some pretty strong bass, but sound it's clear besides that. Good for those who like that strong low response, or who wants to try that feeling too.
I think that quality is good. When you put speaker on it, pad is very stable and tought. It also fit to 8" studio monitor. Pad is little smaller but still fits. I don't have ocassion to compare this pad with any other but this one meets my expectations.