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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for superli
Nice Lego set. (Kazi, OK...) --- Well packed. --- Construction little hard, because of the many small parts (1x1 low) and because the colors in the booklet don't respond very well to parts. One part slightly different color. (Black instead of dark brown.) Booklet says from age 6. This is even for my son (super lego builder) too hard. --- Blocks fit very well. Also compatible with other blocks. Also original blocks. --- Over all son happy, daddy sour hands from building.
Very well made, really bright, awesome light! The store itself is just a middle hand, they had a ridiculous long processing time, they lied and said it was shipped when it wasn’t. The light is awesome, so next time I will buy the same light from someone else. DHL Express was awesome, really smooth and fast delivery to Europe (Sweden)
High quality item. Actual 10 degree spot! Very powerful, real light power about 75-80watts that is good result, especially at this price. Same item (labeled power 75 watts) at local highwaytruck parts shop, costs 448euros!! Shipping time takes only 2 weeks by courier(free shipping). CE certification marks can not be found. Overall, I am very satisfy with the deal.