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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for surrounded sound
Extremely fast delivery. Took around 1 week. The quality of the headphones is average. The sound is the same as other cheap headphones for same price, so you need to play with EQ to fix it. The headphones lacks middle frequencies but have good bass. Also the 7.1 sound is fully software-emulated and you can get the same with any headphones using Dolby virtual sound, but it was expectable since this phones has only one speaker per ear. The microphone however is very good for voice chats and even recording. I personally do not like the volume control on the remote cause it seems to introduce different levels on different ears on certain settings. The overall this headphones are quite nice for gaming especially if you use voice chats. They are comfortable for hours of playing. Good product for their price.
as a dutch national take into consideration that you might be picked out by customs. That may delay your package and will cost you another 23 euro. The product itself is nice
I wasn't expecting the items to arrive in NZ so fast and the quality of the headphones is awesome. We bought 3 sets. They were really well protected in the packaging as well. Thanks.
I've been using these for around 3 weeks. Overall this product is great. the headphones are made out of plastic so they feel kinda cheap and not that comfortable when you wear glasses, but they cover the ear perfectly and the sound quality is just amazing, the mic sound is also great, better than much expansive headphones. The PC program is not that complicated and you can change the sound of your voice with it which is fun. The "RGB" light is not really RGB and you're limited in color options. Like I said overall they are great and I recommend this product, for the 7.1 sound, PC program and mic quality. Also I want to say thanks to the stores customer support for the great communication and help answering all of my questions.
ürün mükemmel mutlaka alın ses kasmak için güzel fiyatı zaten iyi ve hızlı kargo the product is absolutely the best price for the beautiful price you already get good and fast cargo the product is great thank you friend <3 I can not picture, my phone is corrupted :(