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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for sweeper for wet
The product seems alright. Hair get very tangled in the brush. The has to be charged too often. The vacuum needs a while to actually go over the small space (my apartment is 3 1/2) some places it just misses, yesterday it went 3 times and still missed huge spot, so I had to stop it and do it myself. The wet cleaning seems super long. The transaction started ok, but then DHL called and asked me to pay $31,12 for taxes, brokerage fees and duties. If the product is sold via Regular mail (EMS) usually it is not charged, and the fee was only half for taxes and duties and the rest is DHL. I was trying contacting seller, he never responded despite the shipment being free. But $31 is too expensive since the whole product is $95 (it is about 32% of the product cost). I have to pay it because the seller chose the wrong shipping method