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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for t2 usb
Good -Good Resolution. Seller says is: 1366*768 -The DTV channels changes at good speed. -You can see movies from USB & SD. -The DTV sensor is good. -The stand works good. -HDMI Input. Neutral -Batt resist 1 Hour + 25 minutes on DTV. -Sound is medium quality. -I located on upper zone and the image looks rare. You need to look it from front. -Have a rare VGA input but the cable is not included. Bad -Batt level is not shown. Suddenly turns off. -DTV recording records on lower quality than original. (Probably you need to format Hard Disk in special format. I use FAT32). -Some of the remote control keys (ex. 'volume') keys are too small. -Need to point directly to the IR sensor and push firmly the remote keys to get detected. Some time is annoying. -The USB and SD input makes them dangerous to break media. For the manufacturer: -Use a generic LG brand remote control. -Take out VGA Input, A/V Output. -Add HDMI (or MINI HDMI) output. -Change USB & SD position
Unit works & able to receive TV channels. However the reciever runs very hot after 10-15mins of watching. I'm unsure if it will burn if used for longer hours. The antenna socket at the receiver is very small (I think it's mcx type plug), can't connect my existing external dvbT2 antenna coax to the receiver while inside my room as the signal inside is not strong & the supplied antenna are unable to pickup the broadcast signal. If there is a adapter for the antenna please let me know.
Great radio. It is practical, has good sound and seems enough simple to operate. Would be good if the buttons were of a different color or brighter than the radio itself to easier see the commands. I bought 2 unities and both are functioning normally.