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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tft wide
I've had several dashcams in my life but I was always searching for the best one which has acceptable price. Finally I've got it. This product totally exceeds my expectations: - The housing is robust so it can not be destroyed if airbags are open in case of impact. (I've had an accident when the dashcam is destroyed due to the airbags. Then we had to recover the damaged video evidence about the accident.) - The video quality is perfect. - When the car comes in the opposite direction, you stop the video playback then the license plate number can be easily read. - The software can handle easily the sun shining directly into the camera lens. - The price is very-very good for this performance. I hope it will be enough robust to be able working for years. But I think so. Thank you Juefan for this product I won't search any other dashcam further.