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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for the vr
The parcel arrived in 37 days. It was Packed well. I'm trying to understand the controls, especially the remote. Thank you for the goods! Package Contents: Yes - VR Shinecon 3D virtual reality glasses No - VR Shinecon warranty card Yes - User guide Yes - Cleaning Cloth No - Stickers Yes - Virtual Reality Bluetooth Remote
I'm slightly short-sighted, so I wasn't sure this was a smart purchase. However, turns out you can adjust the distance to your eyes just enough to make it work. Looks exactly like on the pictures. Good quality plastic, the straps can be adjusted to very big heads. Overall: very nice!
It suited the description, delivery was fast. Everything worked as planned, the connection was super easy and fast. Batteries included. Putting the phone in for the first time with the cushions is a little tricky, but after you figure it out, it works wonders.
Bluetooth reach is very short. Wanted to use it with my laptop or Raspberry Pi connected to my tv, less than a meter away from the seat. The signal drops after getting about 30cm away from the laptop, and intermittently drops and reconnects with the Pi under 1 meter away. Otherwise, it's built ok (apart from bad feeling triggers) , but useless to me really.
Works good. A bit difficult to assemble, not very comfortable to wear but for the first VR use it's ok. Need some time to accommodate to lenses but then OK. Didn't understand the need of magnets in assembly. What for? Needed to use glue instead .