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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for toy speaker
mine does seem te be branded differently as discribed ( LK-1006H instead of bx100) but other than that it looks on works exactly the same. i've tested it on 1 cell tiny whoop lipo and a large 2 cell lipo for my truck and it works fine. beeper is VERY loud though.
The LED lights, switch, Li-on battery with USB charging port, plus the Bluetooth speaker and amplifier were all fine. It was amazingly loud, and even sounded good while spinning. But it is a lousy fidget spinner. It spins only briefly before slowing to a stop. The cheap bearings feel rough, and the vibration is easy to feel as it spins. It is also not well balanced. The lobe having the battery is obviously heavier than the other two lobes. I'm going to try ordering a better, ceramic bearing to try in it, and I'll tape a dime on each of the two lighter lobes to see if that balances it. There really isn't nearly enough weight in any of the lobes to produce a good flywheel effect. Still, quite a bit of fun for the money.